Sell, Buy & Trade

 “One Jewelry Designer’s Trash, Is Another Jewelry Designer’s Treasure”

The easy & convenient way to List Jewelry Craft Supplies to Sell, to Buy and to Trade.  Free to list for limited time only.

  1.  Go to the Destash Marketplace.

  2.  Click Place Ad.

  3.  Fill in the blanks to add your details and contact information.  Check the appropriate category of what you want to sell.

  4.  Fill in the price and description of the item(s) you want to sell.  Try to include as much information as possible, so questions from the possible buyer will be minimal. (size of beads, where hole is drilled, no hole, length of item, color) This is less time consuming for the potential buyer.  You can even add some design suggestions for the items to instill some inspiration.

  5.  Please be sure to include your shipping information.  How much will shipping be for item(s).  Will buyer be responsible for shipping or will you pay shipping or include it in the price you are asking for the item(s).

  6.  Please be sure to include any other information that you think is important for the buyer to know.  For example, you can say that you can accept money through paypal.

  7.  Please include a reminder, in the description, to contact you if they are interested and if they have any questions.  They potential buyer just has to click on “Contact….” and an email form will appear.  It will be directed to the email you provide when you are placing your ad.

  8.  Then read and agree with the terms of agreement. (only if you agree) and the continue.  You will be taken to the page to upload images of your item(s).  You can upload 2 pictures to put in your ad.  One will be a thumbnail beside your ad and a second will be a bigger image at the bottom of your ad.  Please make your images clear and as true to color as you can.  A picture may just be the key to selling your jewelry craft supply.  (200 MB) size.

  9.  When you are satisfied with the images you want to include in your ad, click ‘Finish’.  You will then see message that an email will be sent to you with your access key to edit your ad if you would like. **You must add at least 1 image in your listing.

  10.  Voila!  You are done.

  11.  At this time, there are no fees to list or commissions on sales.

  12.  At present, there is no expiration time on your ads.

  13.  Please contact Handmade Jewelry News to let them know that your item has sold so your ad can be removed, or you can also remove your ad yourself, by going to edit it using your AD access key that you received in your initial email from Handmade Jewelry News.  I would love to hear from you that you made a sale.  I would love to post it on front page!

14.  Please respect Terms of Service.

****This site is constantly being updated and reviewed so as to ensure the best service and functionality that it can provide. Reviews of listing fees, membership fees, and listing time period will be reviewed on April 1, 2012 and any such area is subject to change!

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