Terms of Service & Rules.

I agree that I will be clear and accurate about the description of the item(s) I am listing.

I will be fair and reasonable about the price and shipping costs that I want for my item(s).

I agree that Handmade Jewelry News Destash Marketplace is a site provided to me as an easy and convenient venue to list my jewelry crafts supplies to sell or want and in no way hold Handmade Jewelry News responsible for any misrepresentation of sellers or buyers or for any issues regarding payment or non-payment or shipping or receiving of any items listed for sale or wanted.

I understand that I will always gather enough information as a buyer or a seller from a buyer or seller, so as communication will remain possible and open between all parties.

I am aware that all trade or money transactions for items on Handmade Jewelry News are between the seller and the buyer outside of the Handmade Jewelry News Site.

Be Honest.  Be Polite.  Have Fun.
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