Guest Post

1.    Guidelines:

a.  Guest post must be relevant to handmade designer jewelry or handmade jewelry craft supplies.

b.  Must use a relevant image or video that enhances to your post.

c.  No affiliate links please.  HJN reserves the right to add their own relevant affiliate links to any guest post.

d.  HJN reserves the right to edit guest post submission.

e.  Include a short Contributor Bio with your website or blog link.  (This will be included at the end of your post)

f.  If you have a website or blog, please provide a link back to HJN as a place to find your guest post.


2.   Guest Post Suggestions:

a.   An article about you as a handmade jewelry designer or jewelry craft supplies designer Share your TWITTER and FACEBOOK PAGE. (please submit any jpeg images and links you want)

*If you are handmade jewelry craft supplies designer or if you sell jewelry craft supplies, you may submit your information HERE too.  Jewelry Designers need jewelry craft supplies to put their designs together!

b.   A giveaway or sale notice to PROMOTE your handmade jewelry designs. Bring buyers to your shop!  (please submit all jpeg images and links needed)

c.   A ‘how to’ article, video or PPT showing your jewelry design techniques.  Share your jewelry design studio and workspace.  (please submit all jpeg images or video html and links needed)

d.  A Treasury from Esty or a Collection from Artfire to share your favorite, one of a kind, Handmade Jewelry Designs. Share one that others have made.

For an Etsy Treasury, you can use CRAFT CULT TREASURY WIDGET.

*For an Artfire Collection,  go to the Curated Collection you want to share.  On the left side of page it will have “embed collection on website”.  Please submit that HERE and any other information you want to be included along with it.

e.    Any Tips or ideas you would like to share about the Handmade Jewelry Design business world.


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