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A Brass Bracelet for Every Style

A brass bracelet for every style. Brass, gems, crystals & charms of hearts inspire artistic combinations of bracelets made of brass. Hammered brass disks adorned with black crystals and finished off with a hammered brass toggle and a heart locket of brass combined present a unique brass bracelet.       _______________________________________________ Delicate rings of brass chain […]

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Fall 2012 Jewelry

Falling Into Autumn Accessories

It’s that time of year again!  The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling down and kids are back at school.  As the seasons change, so do the latest trends for accessories!  Good news though, the three new trends we mention below can be accomplished on a budget if you design it yourself utilizing the […]

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Help Me Select Beading String! Where do I Begin?!

Are you new to jewelry making? With so many tools, colors, supplies, gems, beads and even storage containers to choose from, where does one begin with this new hobby?! Here’s some quick tips and information on beading strings to get you started! There are many different types of beading strings to choose from and the […]

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Sell Jewelry Online|OnLine Jewelry Shop|Handmade Jewelry News

Where to Sell Jewelry Online & Open Your Online Jewelry Store

Do you know where you can sell jewelry online?  Do you know where you can open your own online jewelry store? Whether you are just starting to think about where to sell jewelry online or whether you already have an online jewelry store, I think you will be interested in the many different sites on […]

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Handmade Jewelry Making Findings|Fresh String Beads

Jewelry Making Findings & Handmade Jewelry Design

  Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a life-long crafter.   My maternal grandmother started me early doing sewing, embroidery, needlepoint and crochet.   Those particular crafts led me into all the other crafts I have done over the years. My love of handmade jewelry design truly started in the late 70’s when my […]

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Chunky Bracelet made from Metal Chain|Chain Link bracelet on Pinterest.

Chunky Bracelet made from Metal Chain

Welcome to the first addition of ‘It’s Handmade’ on Handmade Jewelry News.  Here you will find the coolest and latest handmade jewelry designs and ideas with the most funky and unique handmade jewelry craft supplies.  I will scour the web to search out and find what catches my eye and then show it too you! […]

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Birthstone for March\Aquamarine

Birthstone For March – Aquamarine

The Birthstone for March – Aquamarine For those of us lucky enough to be born in the third month of the year, we have the honor of having Aquamarine as our birthstone for March. Ranging from very light blue to deep blue, aquamarine is a gemstone that is almost as popular as ruby, sapphire or […]

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Shop for Handmade Designer Jewelry

Browse and Shop Unique Handmade Designer Jewelry…at your convenience. These wonderful handmade jewelry designer shops on ArtFire & Etsy were posted some time ago.  But in the last few days I have been doing some rearranging on my site and didn’t want them to get lost, so I am going to put them here, so […]

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Tell Me You Love Me.

Sharing more Valentine’s Day gift ideas and inspiration.   creativity is ever evolving. creativity is infinite.

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Handmade Jewelry News|Valentines Day

Close to My Valentine Heart

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away….some ideas to hint to the one you love.. creativity is ever evolving. creativity is infinite.

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