Help Me Select Beading String! Where do I Begin?!

Are you new to jewelry making?

With so many tools, colors, supplies, gems, beads and even storage containers to choose from, where does one begin with this new hobby?!

Stringing a necklace together|Beading String

Stringing a necklace together|Beading String

Here’s some quick tips and information on beading strings to get you started!

There are many different types of beading strings to choose from and the first step will be determining what type of piece you are going to make and what purpose it is going to serve. Are you going to wear it every day? Is it going to get wet in the shower? Or are you only going to show it off on special occasions? Is it going to be a heavy piece or a lightweight piece?

Once you have addressed the abovementioned details, here are some things to know about certain types of strings:

Nymo Beading Thread/String: Nymo Beading Thread is a very basic beading thread. The threads are made up of long strings of fiber and can easily fray if you do not wax your thread or purchase “pre-waxed” thread.

Japanese Premium Waxed Cotton: Japanese Premium Waxed Cotton consists of multiple strands of cotton woven into a tube around two strands of nylon. This cord is much more “heavy duty” and its texture makes it great for detailed knots.

Nylon Beading or Knotting Cord: Nylon Beading or Knotting Cord is available in a variety of colors and sizes. It is very strong and will not fray or discolor with normal use. This type of cord is very popular when making friendship bracelets.

Pleather Beading Cord: Pleather Beading Cord is ideal for necklaces with stone pendants or heavy objects. Pleather is manufactured from specially blended polymers to look and feel just like fine leather. Best of all, it won’t crack or start to smell like real leather sometimes does!

We hope this is enough information to help get you started and select the perfect string for your beading project! Enjoy your beading adventure and if you have any questions, please contact us, we’d love to help!

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2 Responses to Help Me Select Beading String! Where do I Begin?!

  1. Carolyn Sorensen October 17, 2012 at 8:14 pm #

    Nylon beading string (Clon or Slon) is excellent for beading projects, very sturdy, comes in various thicknesses and gorgeous colors. Never had one break no matter how hard I tried :)

    • kIZZ October 18, 2012 at 4:34 pm #

      Thank you Carolyn! Yes the color selection is great. Thank you for giving us a review and your experience with this type of beading string. IF you are interested I invite you to share your designs on Handmade Jewelry News on Facebook
      For interested readers you can check these beautiful colors at HJN Jewelry Craft Supplies Picks under S-lon Beading Cord

      Have a great day!