Big and Bold Jewelry at the VMAs

Many of us watched MTV’s 2012 VMAs on September 6th and while the dresses always tend to be the highlight of red carpet reviews the following day, we like to focus on the jewelry! We saw everything and anything from tiny classic studs to big and bright neon pieces, but one of our favorite wardrobe changes of the night has to be Rihanna’s.

She started off the night as a classic beauty with small elegant earrings then dove right into a bold stylish look for her performance, including a big gold necklace, an upper arm bracelet, and glitzy earrings.

Big and Bold Jewelry at the VMAs

We love this look because it can go from day to night, park to party. You can pair this jewelry up with almost anything to drastically change your look!  So, how do you get your hands on this celeb jewelry without the celeb price tag? Make it yourself!

It’s easier than you may think, believe us!  Upper arm bracelets can be molded out of wire and easily adjusted for a great fit each time. Want to kick it up a notch? Wire is a great medium for beadwork or charms.

And what about that necklace? Make a statement with any big beads, colors, charms, or tokens. Warning: be sure to use heavier bead stringing wire when working with heavier pieces. You don’t want your necklace to break!

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