Your Introduction to Rhinestones

Your Introduction to Rhinestones:

Rhinestones will create jewelry that often serves as ‘quite the show stopper’. It’s hard to imagine that jewelry made of a simple base metal – alloy or brass – can be so beautiful. From earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to beautiful tiaras and even rhinestone head dresses, we simply can’t get enough of these inexpensive yet stunning pieces.

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Rhinestone Jewelry Supplies

The original rhinestones came from the Rhine River in Europe. Today, these stones are mass produced, extremely affordable and most often come ready to use, with silver-tone or gold-tone finishes and backings.  Rhinestones are great alternatives to real silver and gold, but unfortunately the finish will wear and tear over time, as do many forms of imitation jewelry.

When you purchase rhinestone jewelry supplies, you may need some additional supplies    beyond the actual stones. While many come ready to use, some come simply as loose and beautiful stones that may require some additional placement tools, backings, prongs, and glues depending on what type of piece you are designing.

One of our affiliate retailers, Dreamtime Creations, can be viewed on our homepage; they sell a variety of beautiful stones including a full line of Swarovski rhinestones.  Swarovski rhinestones give you many variations from flat back, hot fix to ready to use beads and rondelles.  The finishes can also be gold-plated or silver-plated, with endless colors to choose from.

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How do I go about cleaning my rhinestone jewelry?

It’s important to note that you don’t actually need to be wearing rhinestones each day for its finish to tarnish. If you’re storing rhinestones for future use or jewelry making, they can get pretty dusty and dirty over time. We recommend storing all jewelry supplies (beads, gems, rhinestones and more) in sealed air-tight containers to prevent them from exposure to the outside environment.

The best way to go about cleaning tiny rhinestones or a piece of rhinestone jewelry is to handle it with care. Rhinestones are often held into place by prongs, and these shiny prongs help contribute to the amount of sparkle found in each rhinestone. With that said, you’ve got two materials to handle with care.

A soft cloth or cotton swab is the best way to clean the rhinestones or backing; do not soak the rhinestones since water or any other type of solvent can destroy the stone and backing.  Do not rub too tough, some simple dabbing and whipping should do!

We want to remind all of our jewelry lovers that unlike real diamonds, you have to accept that rhinestones do not last forever. That’s the price to pay for such a great bargain on beautiful pieces.

If you have any questions about jewelry supplies or jewelry care, feel free to contact us!

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