Create Multiple Streams of Income from your Handmade Jewelry Business

Does it sometimes feel like you can’t produce enough jewelry to generate the income you would like from your handmade jewelry business? How can you earn extra income if you are already selling as much as you can make?

If you are a metalsmith, the answer is easy. You can make original pieces and then cast duplicates.  But what if you design handmade jewelry?  How can you e multiple streams of income from your handmade jewelry business?

Multiple Streams of Income for your Jewelry Design Business A great way to create multiple streams of income for your handmade jewelry business is to leverage your time and knowledge.

If you design handmade jewelry, one easy way to earn extra income is to make “DIY kits“.  They should include all the beads, findings, supplies and instructions for recreating your pieces.

You can also make step by step videos of yourself creating the same pieces and sell them online as downloadable instructional tutorials or physical DVDs. And of course, sell the jewelry craft supplies needed to make the pieces.

Many community colleges have adult education or special interest classes. The pay isn’t great for instructors but it will give you the exposure and an opportunity to sell the jewelry craft supplies to make each handmade jewelry design you teach. Teaching is also a way to get your name out there as an expert.

Publishing your handmade jewelry designs in how-t books or ebooks and jewelry making magazines can be a way to create extra income as well.

Some handmade jewelry designers are afraid they will lose sales if they sell their handmade jewelry design patterns. Something to remember is that the customer who would buy a kit and instructions is a different customer than the one who would purchase your finished piece.

Another way to earn extra income is to create a couple of different handmade jewelry design lines. If you have a labor intensive high-end line, consider designing more competitively priced pieces that you can sub out to stay-at-home moms looking to create their own cottage industry or jewelry business. Of course, once again, you provide the instructions and materials. It’s a great way to create cottage industries for stay-at-home moms who you can pay by the piece. Multiple Streams of Income from Your Handmade Jewelry Business

Creating multiple streams of income will keep you from the burnout you might experience if you have to rely strictly on what you can produce.

What other ways can you think of to leverage your creativity and knowledge to earn extra income with your handmade jewelry business?

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contributor bio: Terri Belford has been self-employed for more than 30 years and been on all sides of the art and handmade craft business as an artist, gallery owner and consultant to artists and crafts people. You can connect with her on Twitter @craftbizcoach and Facebook.

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