Chunky Bracelet made from Metal Chain

Welcome to the first addition of ‘It’s Handmade’ on Handmade Jewelry News.  Here you will find the coolest and latest handmade jewelry designs and ideas with the most funky and unique handmade jewelry craft supplies.  I will scour the web to search out and find what catches my eye and then show it too you!

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Handmade jewelry designs are unique and creative.  Handmade Jewelry Designers work hard to express their ideas and inner selves to provide one of a kind wearable art.

Introducing Chain Link Jewelry!  An awesome chunky bracelet made from metal chain.  You will be surprised where you can find this metal chain.

Today, It’s Handmade shares creativity found at a local hardware store…and just a very cool jewelry design idea.

I came across this eye-catching chunky bracelet on Pinterest. I was amazed that the metal chain was bought at a local hardware store!  Now I have seen and even made my own chain link bracelets, made from various types of metal chain, but I have never bought the metal chain from my local hardware store.  BUT!  next time I will!

This unique chain link bracelet was made by Kate at Centsational Girl.  As I read about Kate, she describes herself as ‘bargain hunter, design lover and incurable DIYer’.  Yes you are Kate!

Chunky Bracelet made from Metal Chain\Chain Link Bracelet on Pinterest

Source: via Crystal Cebryk-Kneller. on Pinterest

Go HERE to see Kate illustrate how easy it is to put this unique chunky bracelet together and where you can find the jewelry craft supplies.  You can use other metals and beads to make it your own.  I think I’ll try it too.

If you do try it please don’t be shy to share it here!  Would love to see it!


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