Do You Use Pinterest for Business and Pleasure?

Pinterest for Business and Pleasure

Pinterest for Business and Pleasure    Yes another social media site! or social – business.   As per my history, it took me a while to jump on board to Pinterest, but not as long as it took me to get into Facebook or Twitter.  I must be getting less shy as the years go on.

I AM a fan of social media.  I use Facebook to keep in touch with family & friends.  I use Twitter to promote my Handmade Jewelry. I also follow, hang out and interact with cool people that are both similar and different from me.  I have even watched American Idol with others across the world, making comments between each other…some people are so funny.

I’M NOT going to take time revisiting all the discussions and posts around the copyright laws etc.  Face it,  I’m just an everyday person.  So, being an everyday person I do my best to use my common sense, by giving credit where credit is due and extending courtesy to people by being respectful of their feelings and opinions.  Isn’t that what it’s all about for us everyday people?  In following these guidelines of humanity, I hope to not infringe on others’ rights and to not offend another person.

Pinterest for Business and Pleasure on HJN!   Business & Pleasure on the same page.  Can it get better than that?  I mean I see it as getting the best of both worlds. Utilizing Pinterest for business and pleasure is convenient, fast, easy, interesting, effective and just plain fun.  You meet new people and run into ones you already know, learning & discovering more about others and their adventures both business and pleasure.  I think it’s great when I see a board on Pinterest for business.  I am interested in what other people are creating and selling.

NOW when I write a blog post, I PIN it on my Board Latest on Handmade Jewelry News.   Using Pinterest for Business is another way to keep people up to date on HJN and well, a little shameless promotion can’t hurt.  Pinterest is pure inspiration.

Pinterest for Business & Pleasure|Lastest on Handmade Jewelry News on Pinterest     Pinterest for Business & Pleasure

Oh did you know HJN has a Destash Marketplace to sell, buy & even trade your extra or overstocked jewelry craft supplies? It’s free.

CHECK HERE   maybe you have some jewelry craft supplies to sell.  clear out of your studio….hhhmmmm…

All PINs are always credited to their source, along with my blog.  It’s a win-win for everyone.  You can promote yourself too.

I not only use Pinterest for Business and Pleasure but I use it also to learn.  I learn about Internet Business, Successful Blogging and SEO.

Pinterest for Business & Pleasure          Pinterest for Business & Pleasure

I have learned many things about blogging and internet marketing by using PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS.

My ALL PINTEREST board has kept me up to date about to goings on about Pinterest.  The PINs will take you to important information, sites and blogs.

Oh…I don’t want to forget about Pinterest for Pleasure.

Pinterest for Business & Pleasure|Handmade Jewelry News           Pinterest for Business & Pleasure|Handmade Jewelry News

….and some good laughs.

Pinterest for Business & Pleasure|Handmade Jewelry News          Pinterest for Business & Pleasure|Handmade Jewelry News

So…do you use Pinterest?   If you don’t…I bet you do now.  8) Follow Me on Pinterest

NOTE***Sometimes with many re-PINS of an image, the original source can get lost down the line so you need to do some investigating to find it. Please do so to keep the source easily seen, as it is important to do so.

Have a great day.

creativity is ever-evolving.  creativity is infinite.

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2 Responses to Do You Use Pinterest for Business and Pleasure?

  1. Elena Anne April 5, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    Pinterest is so much fun! I think it is a great way to broaden your business’s traffic source. Why not put business and pleasure together? Great post, never know what new social site is going to get put up next.

    • kIZZ April 5, 2012 at 9:17 am #

      I agree Elena, it is a fun site. It did take me a while to commit to it…as another social site, but it really does involve both business and pleasure. Hahaha, yes I too wonder what will come up next? Are you on Pinterest?