Great Bead Storage & Funky Bead Organizers

Great bead storage & funky bead organizers are not only a way to help keep you sane but a way to unleash your creativity.

Freak Out!  That is how it can be when you need to find the right bead or supply you need to start, to continue and to finish any jewelry design.  There are many bead storage options and endless types of bead organizers to help you spend less time looking and more time creating.   The crazy thing is, that bead storage can be just as creative as the jewelry we make.

Bead Storage Bags and Bead Organizers


Plastic Bead Storage Bags   A simple but effective way to organize your beads.  These bead  organizers are not too expensive, if you can get them wholesale. They are space saving & be can spread out on a table so beads are easy to see. They are ziplock and come in different sizes. These clear plastic bead storage bags make jewelry design easier.  Now, I admit that the creativity is missing in these bead organizers but at least they are organize


Bead Storage & Bead Organizers Bead Storage & Bead Organizers



Plastic Drawer Bead Organizers   Plastic drawer and plastic box bead organizers also do the trick.  Again…not so creative, but…they are a way to get organized.


Bead Storage & Bead OrganizersBead Storage & Bead Organizers









Plastic & Wood Bead Storage Containers   Bead Storage containers, both wood or plastic are not only great bead organizers but creative and eye appealing. These bead organizers show off the beads and add character to your design studio.



Bead Storage & Bead OrganizersBead Storage & Bead Organizers


Bead Storage Furniture  These wood storage cabinets are beautiful pieces of furniture.  I’m sure many of us would love to have these bead organizers in our design studios.        ______________________________________________________________________________

Bead Storage & Bead Organizers

Creative Bead Storage & Bead Organizers  Wow!  These are creative bead storage ideas and bead organizers!  Old jars and spice containers can turn into unique bead organizers.  Very space-saving if attached to the wall.  The very cool, bead storage straws, display the many colors and types of beads.


Bead Storage & Bead Organizers

On The Go & Traveling Bead Storage  Traveling?  No problem!  Turn a new or old suitcase into your ‘on the go’ bead storage.  Fill it with any kind of bead organizers you want.  Taking a jewelry making class?  Be the envy of all with your organized bead storage suitcase.


Dreamtime Creations has some cool bead storage ideas and bead organizers.

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4 Responses to Great Bead Storage & Funky Bead Organizers

  1. Emily March 25, 2012 at 2:23 am #

    Thank you for blogging my bead straws! I love them, and if you make them, it becomes annoyingly obsessive trying to get all the same beads into the same tubes…mixed bead packs being really “fun”. I’d recommend getting a bead mat or piece of felt though, because I’m still finding run aways on the floor!

    Now I’m going to have a wander through your website :)

    Em x

    • kIZZ March 25, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

      Hi Em
      Yes! when I came across them on Pinterest I fell in love with them! Very cool and attractive idea you have! I think they are pretty enough to put beads on display. hahaha…I can imagine running after the beads…a bead matt and a small funnel…
      I am just starting out my site so it is brand new. I appreciate you taking a look. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome to HJN. See you on Pinterest.

      crystal from kIZZ & HJN

    • kIZZ March 25, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

      and it is so great to see you are a Comment Luv commenter!

      • kIZZ March 25, 2012 at 2:27 pm #

        Hey Em, I fixed the post up a bit. It’s looking a lot better now, I think.