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Pinterest for Business and Pleasure

Do You Use Pinterest for Business and Pleasure?

Pinterest for Business and Pleasure    Yes another social media site! or social – business.   As per my history, it took me a while to jump on board to Pinterest, but not as long as it took me to get into Facebook or Twitter.  I must be getting less shy as the years go […]

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Birthstone for March\Aquamarine

Birthstone For March – Aquamarine

The Birthstone for March – Aquamarine For those of us lucky enough to be born in the third month of the year, we have the honor of having Aquamarine as our birthstone for March. Ranging from very light blue to deep blue, aquamarine is a gemstone that is almost as popular as ruby, sapphire or […]

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St. Patrick's Day Birthday|Green Beer

Do You Have a St. Patrick’s Day Birthday?

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is probably the most widely celebrated saint’s day in the world.  So I am very glad that I have a St. Patrick’s Day birthday! Do you have a St. Patrick’s Day Birthday? If you too have a St. Patrick’s Day birthday you can probably relate to these St. Patrick’s Day traditions.  […]

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jewelry craft supplis|Bronze wire

Cheat Sheet for Jewelry Making Wire

Jewelry making wire is one of the jewelry craft supplies you need to learn about in order to be able to use it in jewelry making.  There are different types of wire for making jewelry and each type has its own characteristics.  It’s important to be aware of information on jewelry making wire so your […]

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Bead Storage & Bead Organizers

Great Bead Storage & Funky Bead Organizers

Great bead storage & funky bead organizers are not only a way to help keep you sane but a way to unleash your creativity. Freak Out!  That is how it can be when you need to find the right bead or supply you need to start, to continue and to finish any jewelry design.  There […]

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