Beading Magazines. Keep Them. Collect Them. Continue To Be Inspired.

Can you remember where your first beading inspiration came from?

Mine came from beading magazines.    Yes, beading magazines are more than just pretty pictures of beads and jewelry designs.  Over the years I have gathered a collection of beading magazines that provide me with endless information on beading techniques and jewelry craft supplies.

Some of My Favorite Beading Magazines

I recommend these beading magazines for yourself or to give as a gift to any beader or handmade jewelry designer.  The endless ideas will feed many creative needs.  Jewelry beading magazines are educational and will inspire both the beginner and the seasoned jewelry designer.   I love that they provide examples of jewelry craft supplies and where you can get them.  Beading magazines show tips and information on beading techniques that you can use for your own designs.

Finally, beading magazines never grow old.  Keep them.  Collect them.  Beading magazines will be a valuable addition to your creative library that you can revisit for inspiration for years to come.


Bead Style Bead Style, published monthly, this is one of the Beading Magazines that features 18+ jewelry projects in today’s hottest styles, colors and mediums.  From beads to pearls to chain to silk cord, each design includes simple instructions and step-by-step photos for making great necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.  The “Basics” gives concise images & info. on beading techniques we should all know and the “Beader’s Glossary” a visual guide to beads, gemstones findings and tools.


Stringing Stringing is different than other beading magazines in that it is published, with the seasons, 4 times a year.  It provides stylish & intriguing jewelry making designs for the fashion conscious beader.  Stringing provides creative inspiration and a step by step guide on how and with what to make specific designs.  Stringing is one of the Beading Magazines that has great Subscriber Benefits! **When you subscribe to Stringing, you get free shipping & no Tax in the US!


Bead & Button Bead & Button    Bead & Button teaches you beading technique and design. Each issue is filled with full-color photos, clearly written step-by-step projects & inspirational design ideas. Special features include product reviews, articles on vintage jewelry, & Q&A sections from experts in beading. This is one of the beading magazines that will blow you away with each amazing issue.  Subscribe at a discount.


If you are like me, I get excited when it is time to expect new issues of my beading magazines to arrive!  I know that you will love receiving your beading magazines in the mail!  Let me know which are your favorites!

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