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A Funny Bead Video about Bead Shopping!

Funny Bead Video about Bead ShoppingYipppee! It’s Friday everyone!  Today I found a bead video that pokes fun at our addiction to bead shopping.  Yup!  This bead video is something that I have to share with all like-minded bead addicts. It put a smile on my face because the bead video was not only funny, […]

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Stringing Magazine

Beading Magazines. Keep Them. Collect Them. Continue To Be Inspired.

Can you remember where your first beading inspiration came from? Mine came from beading magazines.    Yes, beading magazines are more than just pretty pictures of beads and jewelry designs.  Over the years I have gathered a collection of beading magazines that provide me with endless information on beading techniques and jewelry craft supplies. Some of […]

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Shop for Handmade Designer Jewelry

Browse and Shop Unique Handmade Designer Jewelry…at your convenience. These wonderful handmade jewelry designer shops on ArtFire & Etsy were posted some time ago.  But in the last few days I have been doing some rearranging on my site and didn’t want them to get lost, so I am going to put them here, so […]

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Handmade Jewelry News|The Arts-and-artistry Daily

iPaper Headline! Handmade Jewelry News

Just want to share a great e-mag, Arts & Artistry Daily. It’s bringing awareness and news about Handmade Jewelry News Destash Marketplace to Buy, Sell & Trade Jewelry Craft Supples! Subscribe to keep up on all the great art news!creativity is ever-evolving. creativity is infinite.

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Jewelry Craft Supplies|Jasper|Moukite|Hematite|Chain|Mixed

Jewerly Craft Supplies – Overload!

I’m just going to get right to the point here. This is what I’m trying to get at here. I have jewelry craft supplies…overload…  And I am going to bet that may too.  At least some of you do.  So why don’t we do something about it.  Just get them organized, take a few pictures […]

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