Three Things I Know To Be True.

Today I will try something new.  Or is it really new. Maybe it’s just a different way to approach the subject of inspiration and creativity.  That is something that will be on my mind for a bit.  When I figure that out, I will let you know.

I spent last night on my MAC exploring, reading, learning and I came across blogs that I want to share.  These blogs provided me with not only information and knowledge but inspiration.  Inspiration to do what?  Inspiration to be creative.  Inspiration to want respond and comment. Inspiration to really pursue what I want. The latter will be a work in progress.

The first blog I came upon was Think Traffic, author Corbett Barr. I will let you go there and explore for yourself.  I am going to call Corbett my “Tech Inspiration”, because the information he provides, inspired me  to write what I want.  The particular post, 11 Uncommon Blog Post Ideas for More Web Traffic, led me to another post, Three Things I Know To Be True by Jeff Goins, writer.  I am going to call Jeff my “Intellectual Inspiration”, because he inspired to feel and articulate what I wrote.  He put forth the challenge to write about the Three Things You Know To Be True.


These are My Three Things I Know To Be True.

Everyone has a story.

Empathy is the seed of true caring and understanding.

It nourishes oneself and others. Teach your children.

Everyone Has a Story. Teach Your Children Empathy.

The sun will always come up.

There will always be a new day.

Have Fun.

Sun Will Always Come up.  Have Fun. Be Happy.

You can feel unfortunate and fortunate at the same time.

This I learned.  I survived breast cancer.

Some did not.  Bless them all. ♥

Breast Cancer Awarness. Breast Cancer Survivor.

I would like to continue this and ask you to write, Three Things You Know To Be True.  Please share them in comments below or link to where you shared them…maybe on your blog…or on FacebookTweet it too, with the tag #threethings. I look forward to reading your three things.

Enjoy your week.


creativity is infinite – ck



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