The Okanagan Artisans Guild Show & Sale Ingrid Mueller – Pottery Girl

Ingrid Mueller, otherwise known as Pottery Girl on Etsy shows her talent in her beautiful handmade ceramic beads and pendants.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Ingrid in person at the Okanagan Artisans Guild Show and Sale.  I luved her handmade ceramic beads and want to share them with you and show them off as creative materials to make jewelry.

PotteryGirl Clay Disc Ceramic Beads Textured Stoneware on Etsy

Handmade. Stoneware. Ceramic. Disk. Beads.

Pottery Girl Handmade Assorted Artisan Ceramic Round Beads o Etsy

Handmade. Stoneware. Ceramic. Round. Beads.

Pottery Girl Handmade Stoneware Clay Fish Ceramic Bead on Etsy

Handmade. Stoneware. Ceramic. Fish.

Ingrid has been a full-time potter since 1992. She is self taught and has been making functional, decorative, raku mirrors and many more items. She relays that that she loves what she does and is  grateful to be able to do it full-time. Ingrid has always had the desire to make high fired artisan beads and is doing it now and having a great time.

While at the Artisan Guild Show & Sale, I purchased some of her handmade ceramic bead hearts.  I know that they are supposed to be buttons, but this is what I did with them.  I hope that Ingrid will like what I did.

Pottery Girl Handmade Ceramic Heart Beads

Handmade. Ceramic. Hearts. Beads. Pendants.

You can find Ingrid’s handmade stoneware, ceramic beads  at Ingrid Mueller-PotteryGirl on Etsy-Handmade Stoneware|Ceramic Beads   and PotteryGirl Clay Disc Ceramic Beads Textured Stoneware on Twitter you can contact her at

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