Share Facebook Pages! Mine is Handmade Jewelry News…What’s Yours?

Ok, its Monday.  After a busy weekend of well house stuff, kid stuff and website stuff….I still want to promote Handmade Jewelry News on Facebook….It’s not easy to get the word out for people to visit and like a new Facebook Page, but I will keep working on it.  So I am going to promote it right here and right now.  That way I can promote my Handmade Jewelry News Facebook Page and my website.  Yes the one you are on too.

Promotion on Facebook can be very effective when you put the time and effort in.  You must socialize so that people will like your page and keep coming back. Its easy to set up your own page for your Handmade Jewelry Designs.  If you already have a Facebook profile, its only a few steps to setting up your own page for you handmade jewelry business.

Once you are signed into your Facebook account, visit here to get started on your own page.  This is my new page…..and after you give me a ‘LIKE’  yay!  look in the top right corner.  See it says…’CREATE A PAGE’ ?   Click there and get creating! Have fun!  Let me know about your new or exiting page  so I can ‘Like’ your Page and continue to socialize in the Unique World Of Handmade Jewelry Design.

Handmade Jewelry News

Promote Your Page Too

See you on FACEBOOK!

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