Handmade Jewelry Shopping for Christmas on Etsy.

HO HO HO…..It’s getting closer….and its not too early for…

Handmade Designer Jewelry Shopping for Christmas.

OK :roll: I know, you’re thinking that it’s is a bit early to visit Santa in the mall or to get the winter gear on and trench through the bush to find a Christmas Tree to decorate.  I agree and for myself, I need the day to get closer for the true Christmas vibe to set in.   Yesterday, though,  it SNOWED!!  BRRRr……that’s the start of it all.  It’s all a snowball from here on.   Christmas lights on houses, are another indication that it’s time to start thinking about “the season to be jolly” and what will put smiles  😀 on the faces of the people I love.  Both of those things happened yesterday.  Yikes!

Speaking of smiles on faces, for the last few years I have explored the wonderful WORLD OF HANDMADE GOODS to find that “perfect gift”.  Since my gig is handmade designer jewelry, I have given, as Christmas gifts, my own handmade jewelry as well as other designer jewelry. So in this post, I want to share with you, where I have done my exploring to find that perfect handmade designer jewelry gift.

Yup, the local craft shows will be starting everywhere too, but I am into the convenience of “internet shopping”.  I can do it when I want…saves on gas too.

Ohhhhh… 😯 there are many handmade shopping venues on-line, so I will give you the heads up on the different ones over the next while.  OK?

I will show you one or two at a time, so as to not give you visual sensory overload and to allow you ample time to browse.

[snow custom=0 width=250 height=250 upload_image=http://www.handmadejewelrynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Etsy-Logo-300×166.jpg number_snow=45 rotationtype=2D” path=http://www.etsy.com]
Today it’s Etsy,  a great handmade shopping venue.  Because it is an amazing handmade selling venue, It’s a fantastic place to shop for handmade designer jewelry.  As well, it is an effective place, for jewelry designers, to promote and sell handmade jewelry.  (I’m going to give my own shop a plug here in a bit. 😉 )  Go here to shop on Etsy, to explore the world one of a kind, handmade designer jewelry.  Of course Etsy sells all things handmade, but start with the jewelry, eh?  On this jewelry page, you can narrow your search by type of jewelry.  That sometimes makes it easier and less overwhelming when you explore the talent of handmade jewelry designers.  If you click here you will go to the Etsy home page and there you can also narrow your search by gift ideas, colors, treasuries or individual shops.

HHmmmm…. I think i will also give you a head start on a place to find attractive handmade designer jewelry. 😆 OK, you caught me. Yup, this is where I will promote my own handmade jewelry. 😕

I will tell you more about kIZZ, my alter ego later. That is another post.

So, grab a coffee, tea, beer or whatever you’re into and browse and enjoy the experience of handmade designer jewelry shopping for Christmas on Etsy. I’m sure that something will catch your eye that you will want to buy for someone on your Christmas list….or hey, yourself. This is an easy way to get all the shopping out of the way!

Stay tuned for the next handmade shopping venue.


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