Jewelry Design is Unique to Your Own Style.

I have been told by some, that they can point out a jewelry design of mine when they see it.  Well that is flattering and YAY!  I do have some good friends…:)  drunk ones, obviously, but good ones.  hahaha  They say that my unique style is noticeable because of the particular materials I use and the way I put them together.    You know, that really started my mind going as I had always just put my jewelry designs together based on what came into my head at the time.

So as my mind is going….a mile a minute, I wanted to really try to see what others were seeing.  It’s interesting to me because in the 12 years that I have been designing and making jewelry, I have changed the types of materials to make jewelry, such as the beads, gems or metals and have even changed my focus on what I designed.  The changing focus thing is… well….just a gifted characteristic of a creative mind.  No!  it’s not scatter-brainedness, as some might insist.  For jewelry design I may concentrate on bracelets for a period of time, putting variation to the type of bracelet and then the next month I move to necklaces.  The necklaces may be beaded on stretch cord, or strung on wire or even incorporated with metal chain.  The next month or day may be earrings and then back to bracelets.  I have even tackled toe rings…ooohhhh….yes beaded ones..tiny beads and tiny knots….tiny, tiny, tiny…..Its hard to hide the knots that’s for sure.  ooohhh I wish i had pictures of them.

To get a good picture of what “my style”  was…and is, I went way back, and I mean way back, into my personal photo archives.  I actually did see a pattern,  along with the bad photography…that is another post.  The pattern I saw was color.  Take a look, and let us not be too critical of the photography skills…as I hope they have improved over the years.  But to show you the emerging style these are what you get.  Check them out.

I know. Don’t say a word about the photo.   Let’s concentrate that it is an anklet and the color scheme….blues and gold.  Gold bells even. Oh and kiZZ  is my designer name.  Jazzy eh?

Yup, more anklets.  They used to be a real hit…back…..a few years now.  Color scheme is blues, gold, and browns.

Now onto somewhat chunkier semi-precious gems or stones.  I quite liked the set.  Sets are another thing that I think is in the past…dating myself now.  Color scheme is browns, reds and gold.  Left out the blue there.

HHHmmmmm….well now we are in a mixture of things.  Jewelry design mixture or materials to make jewelry.  But oh!  the color scheme is staying on track.  You know, I think that these colors are really me.  My sister even said once.  “Can you not wear anything but browns?!”  ahhh. NO.

ok….like I said the photography is something to be desired…so if you are going ewwww….me too.  Here’s more…Well these aren’t so bad.  huh?  They are the same size.  That gets points, eh?  Yes I am Canadian.

In Conclusion…..I’m thinking, earthy, natural colors.  Browns. Reds. Khaki. Some Blues.  Blue is nice. Gold. Actually Brass.  Guess they remind me of fall, even though fall comes before winter.  Not so fond of winter.  Skiing, yes, but snow should stay in the mountains.  Come to think of it, I remember, some years ago, some color thing where they determined what colors you should wear by the seasons and the tone of your skin.  Well I was a FALL.  So there, my dear sister…I am not supposed to wear any other colors.  They said so.  Seriously though, fall does seem to be the best inspirational time for my jewelry design, and the particular gems or stones I used are still some of my favorites.   I still use them.  That’s another post.

So aside for the mix matched photo sizes and quality…this is the style that emerges from my head.  They do get better.  That’s another post too.

What is your style?  Is it color, materials, or both?

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