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BOO! Scary Halloween Handmade Jewelry Designs

Boo!  Happy Halloween everyone.  To be honest, I have not been a very dedicated Halloween person for some years now.  Not sure really why, but anyway.  This morning though, I woke to a text, from my sister, on my iPhone.  Hahahahah….it was a little pumpkin and then I sent her back a little ghost.  Those […]

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Jewelry Design is Unique to Your Own Style.

I have been told by some, that they can point out a jewelry design of mine when they see it.  Well that is flattering and YAY!  I do have some good friends…:)  drunk ones, obviously, but good ones.  hahaha  They say that my unique style is noticeable because of the particular materials I use and […]

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Monday Blog Mentions

The unique art world of one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry. Handmade Jewelry News is ever evolving.  Creativity is infinite.  –  ck

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sunday again

Today I found my Thought for the day. creativity is ever-evolving. creativity is infinite – ck

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Jewelry Design Inspiration

I have been designing jewelry for over 10 years.   My jewelry design inspiration for how and what I design comes from many different areas or mediums.  My core jewelry design inspiration is evoked from the materials to make jewelry themselves.  The time of year, the time of day, the weather and my mood all have […]

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starting the week…

monday.  the real start to my week.  rainy, but warm.  hope this weather lasts and the snow stays away. still play’n and learn’n about my new site.  so much.  keep on keep’n on, eh? creativity is infinite – ck crystal

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Marketing L& Selling Your Handmade Jewelry|Handmade Jewelry News

today is sunday

today is sunday. tomorrow is another new day.  see you then. creativity is infinite – ck crystal

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the beginning…Handmade Jewelry News – Jewely Craft Supplies

handmade jewelry news… all about handmade designer jewelry and jewelry craft supplies. designers. tools. supplies. shops. deals. beads. stones. crystals. metals. handmade jewelry news will also have and easy and convenient marketplace to sell, buy and trade your jewelry craft supplies.  destash marketplace. creativity is infinite. – ck welcome to HANDMADE JEWELRY NEWS. crystal.

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